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I’ve been getting ready to take my stuff to craft shows. I’m going to start off at the Durham Craft Market. I was going to go yesterday but the early morning drizzle and the 70% chance of heavier rain caused me to delay until next weekend (weather permitting).  Sadly, this means that the trial set up for my booth is still in our living room – apologies to my family.

This post at True Up and it’s comments regarding the hierarchy of homemade-handmade-craft stoked a constant ember in my thought processes regarding my work and craft shows in general.  There is a lot of stuff in the craft world that looks like happy hands at home not that there’s anything wrong with that but if it looks home made I want it to be home made  - like made by me.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen things that I thought were cute but further thought “I could make that – but better“. I think my work looks professional but of course I have no idea what other people will think and even if I’m meeting the standards I set for myself that doesn’t mean anyone else shares my criteria.

All of the above makes me sound like a awful mean girl who thinks too highly of herself but in fact I’m struggling with self doubt.  I truly admire those who bring their work to markets every weekend, regardless of my subjective views on quality. I’m hoping to exorcise the self doubting demon by writing this (like that’s going to work).

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  1. Ellen Says:

    Your stuff looks pretty professional to me. Maybe that’s because you are a professional! Pipe cleaner poodles are nice but they really don’t have any street value, IMHO. xo

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